Airline Pilot Vlogs

On December 29th, 2018, I uploaded my first ever airline pilot vlog episode "Sitting hot reserve" while based in Philadelphia International Airport, Pennsylvania.

Why did I do it? 

1.) I asked myself a question, "How can I best utilize my time on reserve and not get bored of it?" 

2.) There's not much information out there about what a typical day of an airline pilot consists of.

3.) How can I help other future airline aviators?

Today, I vlog my trips as I am out flying, showing you new places, answering your questions and share with you new experiences!  

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Airline Pilot vlog e1 - Sitting Hot RESERVE

Airline Pilot Vlog e2. - R1 line flying

Airline Pilot vlog e3. - bona bona ice cream

Airline pilot vlog e4. - 27 hour layover in dca

airline pilot vlog e5. - Grounded.....

Airline Pilot Vlog e6. flying to toronto canada

Airline Pilot Vlog e7. - commuting to work

airline pilot vlog e8. - day 1 of 4 day trip

airline pilot vlog e9. - day 2 of 4 day trip

airline pilot vlog e10. - day 3 &4 of 4 day trip

Airline pilot vlog e11. - capt. ryan, saves the day!

airline pilot vlog e12. - snowy Des Moines, IA

airline pilot vlog e13. - shaving at the airport

Airline pilot vlog e14. - who pays for the hotels?

airline pilot vlog e15. - funny things on the ramp

airline pilot vlog e16. - thank you to our ramp personnel

airline pilot vlog e17. - 2 leg commute

airline pilot vlog e18. - recurrent ground training